35-033 L 401 Geschützstand für 8,8 oder 10,5 cm Flak

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Specification Description
Weight 20 Kg
Length 65 cm
Width 34 cm
Height 11 cm
EAN code 8719189422320

35-033 L 401 Geschützstand für 8,8 oder 10,5 cm Flak

Gun emplacement for 8.8 / 10.5 cm AA gun.

With this type of bunker, an open bedding was placed on top of the bunker. The bed was octagonal with one side open.

Via a road that was built within the position and connected to the bunkers, the guns could possibly be removed fairly quickly via the open side of the bed. On the edge of the beds were concrete rolls called "splitter rolls". These protected the gun crew against bomb shrapnel. If the gun was to be deployed on land targets, this could be rolled away so that the barrel of the gun could lower further


Under the open bed was a residential and ammunition storage room with a roof of 2 meters thick concrete

These spaces could be entered from a deep trench next to the bunker with the two entrances to the bunker attached to it. These entrances were not covered by an entrance defense. This is quite remarkable, because most bunkers with a wall and roof thickness of two meters did have an entrance defense.The slightly bigger brother the L401a does have an entrance defense.


The living room had room for thirteen people, of which 12 in bunk beds, three on top of each other, must spend the night. the thirteenth man had a single bed.


Dimensions model (LWH): 45 cm x 32cm x 11cm 

Dimensions box (LWH): 39cm x 32cm x 10cm 

Material: ceramic 

Weight: 1400 gram

Contents of kit :                     
                     40 ceramic parts 
                     repair paste 
                     0,7 mm wire 
                     0,5 mm wire (green)

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