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Now available in our webshop.

35-072 Regelbau door 941P2



Soon available in our webshop
1/72 scale FLAK bunker for 2 cm or 3,7 cm FLAk.


Soon available in our webshop. 
1/35 and 1/72 model of the Flakturm Vault no I and II

more information soon


Now available in our webshop.

35- 035 cast Iron drains

Small details turn a diorama from fun to breathtaking. This set of rain pipes consists of 2x overflow tray, 6 lengths of pipe., 4 long bends, 4 short bends and 12 mounting brackets


New product release!!

35-063 Ridge tiles. Now available in our webshop.


This set consists of 10 ridge tiles and a beginning piece as well as an end piece. Nice set to finish your roof.

New product release!!

35-043 5 cm KwK L42. Now available in our webshop.


Update 35-043 5cmKwK L42

The first production has been successful now quickly put together box art and construction manual!



More picture here : https://www.hs-retail.com/a-65334380/1-35-scale-guns/35-043-5cmkwk-38-l-42/


New products release

72-060 50mmMLe35 

1/72 scale 50mm  Festungsgranatwerfer . Kit content, 5 resin parts.
Now available in our webshop!  https://www.hs-retail.com/a-65412841/1-72-scale-guns/72-060-50mmmle35/

72-061 MG34 Tobruk ring

1/72 scale MG 34 with Ringstandlafette for tobruk 58C, Kit content : 2 sets of MG 34 with Ringstandlafette
8 resin parts.
Now available in our webshop! https://www.hs-retail.com/a-65412806/1-72-scale-guns/72-061-mg34-with-ringstandlafette/


35-062 Faunus stove

1/35 scale Faunus stove with mantelpiece

Kit content; 4 ceramic parts and 2 resin parts
Now available in our webshop! https://www.hs-retail.com/a-65399341/1-35-scale-accessories/35-062-faunus-stove/


New product release, 72-067 Barndoors R672

1/72 scale barndoors for the Regelbau672. Kit content, 3 resin parts.
Now available in our webshop!



New product release, 72-058 WT80K



New product release, 35-058 WT80K



Pre order started : 1/35 scale 5cm KwK 38 L/42



Last chance,
out of production

only a few left before they run out, get yours now!!!
35-008 Battle for Arnhem #2​ 


At the moment we are having problems with our web provider.  Because of this we cannot receive and send email!  Our apologies for the inconvenience!



















DDAY discount.

from June 6 to July 6 we give a 25% discount on all our products to celebrate the 77th anniversary of DDAY.

Your discount code is DDAY2021


New product release!
Second new product release this week Tobruk VF67

Small tobruk that often had a Renault FT dome on it. This 1/35 scale model of a Tobruk VT67 consists of 3 ceramic parts, material for the making of climbing irons and hooks for camouflage nets

And there is a manual to help you assemble this model.

Box dimensions: 165mm x 260mm x 100mm
Weight box : 1,2 kg

Dimensions model : 140mm x 100mm x 90mm


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New product release!
Tobruk VF15

Small tobruk that often had a Renault FT dome on it. This 1/35 scale model of a Tobruk VT15 consists of 3 ceramic parts
And there is a manual to help you assemble this model.

Box dimensions: 185mm x 250mm x 60mm
Weight box : 1 kg

Dimensions model : 95mm x 100mm x 75mm

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Soon available on our website. Tobruk with Renault FT turret.

more information soon....


Soon available on our website.  Vf 15 tobruk with Renault FT turret


35-003 Geschutz stande fur 2/3,7 cm FLAK

product no. 35-003 is due for a major overhaul and upgrade and cannot be ordered for a while!


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